Our philosophy


NABIBI Vital Kitchen was born with a clear vocation to provide health to adults and children through food. We fully agree with the famous phrase “we are what we eat”, and for this reason in our kitchen there are only products that are natural, fresh, seasonal, 100% organic and locally sourced.

In our kitchen we do not use frozen or processed foods, nor do we have a microwave, and all of our food is cooked using fire or an oven. We cook every day, as before.

Much of our food is vegetarian with an energetic value, we also have vegan options for gluten and lactose intolerants. We are very respectful of allergies and intolerances in general. We have a special interest in infants, as we want to be able to nourish them with foods that are healthy, tasty and fun.


  • Breakfast, lunch and snack menus for adults and children
  • Catering for events and groups
  • Take-away
  • Cooking courses and workshops
  • Children´s meals:
    • Breakfast for schools
    • Catering for parenting and school groups
    • Healthy Snacks
    • Birthday parties and cakes to order